Technically, this counts as a switch

It’s not a very efficient one, but it is technically a switch.

I guess they can add "switch" to their list of multi-tool functions now?

This time around, I took out the push button, and used my Leatherman as a “switch”. Why? Truthfully, it makes me chuckle that I can run current through it. I thought at least it wouldn’t work unless I hooked up the leads on the same tool. Nope, I’ve got my alligator clip hooked onto the bottle opener on one end, and the pliers clamped onto the bare wire all the way on the other end.

Jaws open, LED off, jaws closed, LED on!

Going further, I wanted to make this into a silly ritual, and I decided I needed a soundtrack.

Hopefully Oingo Boingo doesn’t mind me performing electronics rituals with Leatherman tools to their music.